Nightmare Sky Available Now

It’s finally here! Nightmare Sky: Stories of Astronomical Horror is available now. It’ll take a few days for the ebook and paperback to link on Amazon, so for now, here are the separate links:

E-Book Nightmare Sky (Amazon)

Paperback Nightmare Sky (Amazon)

Most other online retailers should have the e-book already available, and paperbacks will follow shortly.

Back in September, when the paperback was being set up, we ran into some printing issues with our print service, and the title had to be taken down to be published with a different print on demand service who could handle the illustration-heavy paperback. This may have caused some hiccups with the preordered paperbacks through multiple online retailers, but those pre-orders should go through. If there are any issues that can’t be resolved through the retailers whom the books were ordered through, please let us know and we’ll do all we can to help resolve the problem.

Published by RedLagoe

Dark fiction author. Likes to linger in inky shadows among beasts for a better view of the stars.

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