Our Books

Death Knell Press is brand new, but we have two books in the works. Official cover designs will come later, but for now, check out these projects lined up for an early 2023 release:

Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads & Below brings us a collection of short horror stories. Every Woman Knows This features several of Hightower’s most notable short fiction as well as many brand-new stories! Stunning collection that hits hard and leaves the reader heartbroken, gutted, yet empowered.

More information on this collection will be coming soon. Find more about Laurel’s work here: https://laurelhightower.com/

Since the dawn of humanity, we have looked to the stars with awe. They call for us to gaze upon their brilliance while we sit around campfires and make up tales of their histories. Tales that are often fraught with horrors. The very dust of their explosive pasts traveled lightyears across the unknown, and now that dust pulses through our veins, drawing our eyes up, back to our origins.

Coming early 2023.

Nightmare Sky will be edited by Red Lagoe, and the foreword will be written by Aurealis Award-winning author, Alan Baxter!

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