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Death Knell Press is brand new, but we have two books in the works. Official cover designs will come later, but for now, check out these projects lined up for an early 2023 release:

EVERY WOMAN KNOWS THIS, by Laurel Hightower

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A never-ending storm rages, tossing a dark and bottomless sea. Tentacled beasts reach from every direction, a battle at every turn, but they’ve chosen the wrong target. Armed with teeth and sharp weapons of her own, she’ll fight until there’s nothing left, and then she’ll pick herself up and fight again. For this is what we do.

Laurel Hightower, author of Below and Crossroads, delivers the blow that shatters the glass ceiling into twenty deadly shards-each reflecting horrors faced by women. Unwelcomed advances from dangerous men. The unbearable weight of motherhood. A goddess pushed to her limits. The inescapable responsibilities of being a caretaker, even beyond the grave.

Dive in for Hightower’s most beloved short stories, all brought together in one collection which includes five brand new tales. Navigate the stormy waters of womanhood with caution as you are about to experience the horrors that every woman knows.

Coming March 3, 2023.

Find more about Laurel’s work here: https://laurelhightower.com/


28 dark stories and poems by today’s rising voices in horror.

Coming November 4, 2022

Nightmare Sky is edited by Red Lagoe, with a stellar foreword written by Aurealis Award-winning author, Alan Baxter!

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