Nightmare Sky: Stories of Astronomical Horror

edited by Red Lagoe, with a foreword by Aurealis Award-winning author, Alan Baxter

The very dust of the stars’ explosive pasts traveled lightyears across the unknown, and now that dust pulses through our veins, drawing our eyes up, back to our origins. Since the dawn of humanity, the stars have called for us to gaze upon their brilliance, and we sit around campfires making up tales of their histories. Tales which are often fraught with horror.

Ranging from psychological to apocalyptic, sci-fi to bizarre, quiet to gruesome and all the horrors in between, these 28 dark stories and poems explore our awe-inspiring- and terrifying -human connection to the stars.

Take a look through the eyepiece and into an astronomer’s failing mind. Observe an obsessed lover who can’t get enough of the celestial view. Board a space station as the last remaining people debate whether humanity is worth saving.  And ask yourself…

What will you do when the sky begins to devour us all?




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Tiffany Michelle Brown, Dino Parenti, Pauline Barmby, Zachary Rosenberg,

Ziggy Schutz, Inara Enko, Jeremy Megargee, Vann Orcka, Patrick Barb,

Justin Moritz, Matthew Condello, M. Richard Eley, Madison McSweeney,

Bernard McGhee, Elizabeth Davis, Lindsey Ragsdale, Jacob Steven Mohr,

Tony Logan, Kim Z. Dale, Ai Jiang, C.R. Beideman, Salvador Ayala, Kate Ota,

Holly Rae Garcia, Avra Margariti, Grace R. Reynolds, Emerson Seipel, & Rose Strickman.

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