Dark Corners of the Old Dominion

A Virginia Horror Charity Anthology

Author signing announcements!

What’s so scary about Virginia? 

From the blood-soaked battlegrounds of the Civil War to the solitary paths of the Appalachian Trail, we’ve got four hundred years’ worth of ghost stories, folk horror, urban legends, and southern gothic tales.

Edgar Allan Poe grew up in Richmond. William Faulkner was UVA’s first writer-in-residence. V.C. Andrews was a native of Portsmouth.  Virginia authors have penned tales that spanned from the political arena of the D.C. Beltway to the mythic-sounding Blue Mountains, across the state to the Seven Cities of Hampton Roads, and farther. Now, today’s authors continue to pen new stories for the future generations.

Dark Corners of the Old Dominion is a collaborative project by several Virginia authors including Joesph Maddrey, Michael Rook, Dr. Querus AbuttuBryan Nowak, Dee Southerland, D. Alexander Ward, and Red Lagoe.

Our team reached out to as many Virginia authors as we could find, inviting them to submit a story for consideration. We wish we could’ve created an open call, but in order to keep the submission pile manageable for our volunteer team, this was a limited, invite-only call.

Every author in this anthology has strong ties to Virginia and it is clear in the stories and poems they’ve created. They are steeped in the salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay, pulsing with the thrum of the beltway, and bleeding from old battlefield scars.

Each story and poem was donated by the individual authors, and all proceeds from sales will go to Scares That Care. Find out more about this 501(c)(3) organization here.

And who better to write the foreword for a charity anthology supporting Scares That Care other than Brian Keene?! We are thrilled and honored that he is on board.

Now check out this line up of authors!

  • “The Bride of Dream Lake” – Catherine Kuo
  • “Keep It Civil” – Clay McLeod Chapman
  • “A Holler You Can’t Call Home” – Paul Michael Anderson
  • “Doom at Dragon’s Roost”  – Stephen Mark Rainey
  • “The Woods Behind My House” – Sonora Taylor
  • “Room 1968” – Nicole Willson
  • “By a Thread” – Querus Abuttu
  • “Notches” – D. Alexander Ward
  • “New World Order” – Ella B. Rite
  • “Chesapeake Bait and Hook” – Sirrah Medeiros
  • “The Girl Who Sleeps in the Room Next to Me” – Charles E. Wood
  • “Cave Kisses” – William R.D. Wood
  • “In the Mountain Mist” – Margaret L. Carter
  • “The Wrong Time” – Ivy Grimes
  • “The Flooded Man” – Michael Rook
  • “The Bunnyman of Clifton” – Brýn Grover
  • “The Song Between the Songs”– J.T. Glover
  • “A Mischief in Gordonsville” – Valerie B. Williams
  • “Odditorium” – Sidney Williams
  • “This is How Your Garden Grows” – Joseph Maddrey
  • “Beach House” – Bryan Nowak
  • “A House’s Tale” – Brad Center
  • “The Path to Freedom” – James L. Hill

The cover art is in the works, and preorders will be available at a later date. Be sure to follow Death Knell Press for updates on our fall 2023 release! Twitter Facebook Instagram

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